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Our Mission:

To provide professional instruction for those looking to become educated in, or more familiar with, the use and safety of firearms, with an emphasis on self-defense and responsible gun ownership. Our intention is to exist as part of, and collaborate with, the existing community of stellar companies and instructors the Treasure Valley has to offer. 

With basic to tactical level classes available, we offer an array of training courses and certifications, including the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Certification. We have a team of experienced and qualified instructors that each offer different levels of training, allowing you to start with the basics to become knowledgeable and comfortable, or jump into levels 1, 2, or 3 tactical rifle and pistol classes. We also offer private tutoring/training, firearm fundamentals and basic skill level introduction, women only classes, encountering mass shooters, first aid, and much more to come.

Our Team of USCCA/NRA Certified Instructors

Dane M. Mullen

TVSA Chief Instructor

Greg Bonde

TVSA Chief Instructor

TVSA Partners and Team Members