Basic Handgun Fundamentals

Our Handgun Basics Class offers the beginning shooter a leap forward into the world of responsible handgun ownership, use, and fundamentals. Students are provided a thorough understanding of different types of handguns, safe and responsible gun handling, action types, grip, stance, trigger control, range operations and safety, an introduction to self-defense, and more. Students will also be able to apply these concepts during practice at a shooting range. By the end of class, instructors will individually assess students who will be provided with specific goals as well as detailed guidance, based on skill level and demonstrated level of proficiency.


You’ll be provided with personalized training and the basic knowledge necessary to safely handle, load, unload, and fire most types of pistols. This allows a student to become comfortable with a handgun in a casual, stress-free environment. This course is specifically designed to give participants the time necessary to focus on, develop, refine, and improve any skills or knowledge they may have gained with a firearm in the past. 

Remember, students don’t need to own their own handgun. Rentals are available for students so that they can gain a better understanding and get a feel for what fits them best, before going out and purchasing one on their own. Please request a rental when registering for this class.

Students will learn the following

Basic Range Operations & Safety, Pistol Action Types, Safe Gun Handling, Safe Gun Storage, Loading/Unloading the Firearm, Grip, Stance, Trigger Control, Continued Skill Development Opportunities, and more.


Experienced Shooter?

Seem a little too basic for you? Remember, it’s never a bad idea to revisit and review the basics, no matter what your firearm skill level is. In reality, we've come to recognize that many experienced shooters sometimes lack certain fundamental basics, simply because they never had any formal training. This class offers something for everyone, at every skill level. As with all of our training classes, we encourage students to give themselves permission to be new; to get into a “beginner’s” mind frame and new perspectives and concepts that can accelerate skill development and take them to the next level. 

In addition, keep in mind that students that have completed any of TVSA’s classes receive a discount on future classes. All students that take and complete one of our classes are able to take advantage of our ‘Returning Student’ Discount.


Don't Own a Firearm?

We have firearms available for rent during training/tutoring. Ammunition can also be provided, if needed. 

Pistol/Rifle Rentals: $25.00 per session (available to you for entire session). 

  Firearm Rental with Ammo Provided: $50.00 (provides enough ammunition for entire session). 

*Firearm rental included firearm, holster, and 2 magazines.

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