Double Banger Weekend Special

We have intentionally scheduled three weekends with classes back to back, covering two days (a full weekend of training). We call them… Double Banger Weekends!

Double Banger Weekends are meant to serve as opportunities for students to develop skills from the ground up. It consists of combining two of our classes into one all encompassing experience. We take our Basic Handgun Fundamentals and Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit Class and smash them together into one impressive curriculum.

Start from the the beginning and take your skills to another level. Whether you are refreshing existing skills and revisiting some basics, or starting with little to no knowledge, the Double Banger Weekend offers students a major leap forward in becoming knowledgeable, confident, safe, and responsible gun owners.

Only $200.00 per student!!


Day 1 (Learning/Revisiting The Basics): 4-5 Hours

(2-3 Hours in The Classroom; 1-2 Hours at The Range)

The Goal: Gain a better understanding of the basics and fundamentals of handguns and how to use them. Get introduced to beginner and intermediate skills. Gain an understanding of what to look for in your next handgun purchase. Have the opportunity to use newly developed skills at the range.

Topics Covered: Handgun Mechanics and Functionality - Ammunition - Advantages to different calibers - Loading - Unloading - Clearing - Carrying - Grip - Draw - Stance - Firing - Identify your preference based on what you’re comfortable with and what makes sense for your lifestyle.


Day 2 (Intermediate Skills & Self-Defense): 8 Hours

(6 Hours in The Classroom; 2 Hours at The Range)

The Goal: Explore and practice the skills that make us all safer shooters and skilled defenders. Learn about the basics of self-defense, home defense, and concealed carry. Gain understandings of important self-defense components, demonstrate and practice skills using a firearm in a self-defense context. Learn the legal obligations and ramifications of self-defense and use the opportunity to qualify for your Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit.

Topics Covered: Understanding and using conflict avoidance to prevent escalation as well as the importance of de-escalation - Understanding and using situational awareness - Home Security and developing a home defense plan - Understanding use of force and proper escalation of force in a self-defense scenario - Basic shooting fundamentals and concepts - Physiology of violent encounters (how your body responds to high stress situations) - Legal Obligations and responsibilities - How to handle the mental and legal aftermath of a self-defense situation. 

Stay Safe. Stay Educated. Stay Practiced. Stay Strapped.

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